When preparing to pursue an employment law claim against a private employer or the federal government, it is important to understand the applicable legal standards. Below are some articles written by the Wick Law Office on various employment topics. 

Wrongful Termination

Guide to Wrongful Termination Claims in Colorado

Information and Guidance for Federal Government Employees

Federal Employee Fact Sheet: Discriminatory Polygraph Examinations

Federal Sector: Medical Inquires and Examinations

Federal Sector: Non-Pecuniary, Compensatory Damages

Federal Sector: Providing Reasonable Accommodations for Commuting Restrictions

Overlapping Issues in Federal Sector Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Complaints

Federal Employee Considerations: Denial of Reasonable Accommodations Resulting in Constructive Suspensions

Federal Sector EEO Complaint Processing Guide

MSPB Basics

Federal Employee Fact Sheet: What Is A FAD?

Information for State Employees

Fact Sheet for State of Colorado Employees


Discriminatory Harassment in the Workplace: Legal Standards for Claims and Employer Liability

Disability Discrimination

Understanding Reasonable Accommodation Options

Guide to Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation

How do I know if my medical condition is a disability?

Wage and Hour Violations

Colorado Wage Act Decision by the Court of Appeals Expanding Employee Protections (Brunson)

Damages and Penalties can be Recovered Under Both the FLSA and CWA

Colorado Wage and Hour Basics

Pregnancy Discrimination

Understanding Your Rights—Pregnancy Discrimination

Age Discrimination

The Older Workers Benefits Protection Act

Alternative Dispute Resolution Topics: Mediation

Overcoming Impasse at Mediation, The Colorado Lawyer, Vol. 43, No. 9, September 2014

Union Articles

Arbitrator orders back pay for CBP agents denied foreign language pay

Customs and Border agents could receive back pay under labor arbitration







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