The Hidden Cost of Disability Discrimination

According to a recent article, more than one third of individuals with disabilities experience discrimination in the workplace. Additionally, regardless of whether the disability is “visible” or “invisible” (i.e. migraines, depression, etc.), employees report feeling stalled in their careers, but are afraid to ask for reasonable accommodations.

We encourage employees with disabilities to seek reasonable accommodations when needed and to report discrimination when it occurs. However, we are mindful of the difficulties in disclosing disabilities and the concerns about retaliation. Creating an atmosphere inclusive of individuals with disabilities benefits employees and the employers. Moreover, most reasonable accommodations have little or no cost to the employer. Disability discrimination is unlawful and studies have shown that employees with disabilities are more ambitious than those without, increasing the margin of missing a potential benefit to the workplace by excluding individuals with disabilities.  

If you or someone you know has been the victim of workplace discrimination or if you have questions about reasonable accommodations, please contact us.